You work better with Flexkids

We develop daycare software which makes you work better. Flexkids has 29 employees supporting the whole process with a complete package - child planning, parent portal, group portal, personnel planning, financial administration, parent app, documentation, and much more.

We offer more than just software. Flexkids provides advice, support, a helpdesk, an extensive knowledge base and training. Our team of consultants is ready and waiting to support you. We will not stop before you work better.

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One solution for the whole organisation

Flexkids offers one integrated system for the whole organisation. All portals are interconnected. Each change that you make in a portal is instantly implemented in all other portals so that you and parents always have the latest data available.

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Personal portal

Everyone has access to their own portal with the same up-to-date information. These portals are: the parent portal, the group portal, the host parent portal, the personnel portal and the location portal. All portals are interconnected so you never have to enter the same information twice. This saves time and ensures the data are always up-to-date.

Flexkids employees make the difference for you.

We will not stop before it works. With a team of 29 employees, we are always at your service. Our Support department is there for you. You can always refer to our comprehensive documentation portal (knowledge base) or engage a consultant. We will think of solutions for your activities and will not give up when things get difficult. We do what we say, and say what we do. Most of our employees come from the childcare sector. They know what is happening in the business and can anticipate on that.

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Reliable online services

We think it is very important to have the reliability of our online service (cloud services and portals) checked and established by an independent agency. Thus we continuously work on a demonstrable secure environment. For that reason, Flexkids is a member of ‘Zeker-Online’ (Secure Online).

Connectivity with other software

At Flexkids we think it’s important that you can do your job as easily as possible. Therefore we work together with several partners. This ensures our software integrates seamlessly with other systems. That means you do not have to do any double work. Also, you do not need to log in separately on every different system. You can link multiple programmes to Flexkids, such as Afas, various accounting software packages, the VerbeterMeter and DoenKids.

Thus everything comes together in the Flexkids HUB, an integration platform which connects the different software solutions. And the end is by no means in sight, because new connections are added all the time!

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Ready for the future

The childcare sector is constantly in motion. There are changes and developments each year. We follow the market and anticipate on these developments by having our software ready before any major change takes place. Think, for instance, of the Dutch Childcare Act (Wet IKK), direct funding of childcare allowances (directe financiering via DUO), or the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). We are ready for the future!

Nicole Krabbenborg

Managing Director of Kindergarden

Not only are the portals really user-friendly, but Flexkids also has a very clear picture of the market and is able to anticipate on developments in the market. The involvement of Flexkids employees with the customer is enormous.

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Most of them already more than 25 years
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You work better with Flexkids