Courses and Training

Flexkids offers several training courses to make it easier to work with Flexkids. Check out our blogs for the latest training courses. 

Of course we will help you to implement Flexkids and get started. Therefore we offer a one-day workshop. At the end of the day, you will have a full understanding of the implementation process. You will receive a reader with information, sample templates and useful tips to make sure your implementation runs as smoothly as possible. 

Flexkids Basis is a beginners’ course, aimed at everyone who is going to work with Flexkids. This course lays the foundation for all other courses and modules of Flexkids.

The Placement course is meant for planning and placement employees who are responsible for processing the enrollments and placements of the children.

The Documentation course is meant for employees who are responsible for drawing up official documents and for conducting the necessary business correspondence with customers.

The Financials course is meant for employees who are responsible for sending invoices, exporting accounts receivables/payables and invoices to the accounting package and/or who are responsible for generating files with direct debit and payment orders.

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