I make sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

Stephan Eizinga

Operation Manager

We will not stop before you work better 

Flexkids online offers a total package and supports the whole process from enrollment to placement and from drawing up contracts, registering children and activities, invoicing, managing and scheduling of personnel to communicating with parents by email or via the parent portal or the app. All portals are interconnected. All changes are effective immediately in all portals, so that you or a parent can go on straightaway.

Our software may seem simple, but of course there is more to it. Flexkids offers more than just software. This demands some effort, not only from us but also from you. You are prepared to embrace a different way of working and you are willing to learn how to use our software. We, for our part, will not give up when things get difficult. We always search for the best solution. After we have installed the software, we will provide support to make sure the software is used correctly. We will not stop before it works.

You work better with Flexkids