Flexkids Hub

The development team is continously working on the Flexkids Hub, the linking platform. The goal is to let all our applications make use of the Hub. This platform is ready for co-creation, so plug in and innovate together with us! One example is the design of a parent app in your own house-style. You remain in control over its data access.

At Flexkids we think it’s important that you can do your job as easily as possible. Therefore we work together with several partners. This ensures our software integrates seamlessly with other systems. That means you do not have to do any double work. Also, you do not need to log in separately on every different system. You can link multiple programmes to Flexkids, such as Afas, various accounting packages, the VerbeterMeter and DoenKids.

For all newly developed tools and third parties, Flexkids data will only be accessible through the Flexkids Hub. The Flexkids Hub is part of the technical security measures that may be expected from Flexkids. This not only offers you insight in your data, but also the ability to manage who has access to them. Flexkids provides adequate tools to handle the data stored and processed by Flexkids in a responsible manner.

All functionality of data and processes are delivered in a uniform way. This improves the quality of the tools that are developed. It also makes it easier for third parties to build secure front-end tools that can be integrated with Flexkids. 

Thus everything comes together in the Flexkids HUB, an integration platform which connects the different software solutions. And the end is by no means in sight, because new connections are added all the time!

Linking and integration capabilities

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