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Flexkids online offers a total package and supports the whole process from enrollment to placement and from drawing up contracts, registering children and activities, invoicing, managing and scheduling of personnel to communicating with parents by email or via the parent portal or the app. All portals are interconnected. All changes are effective immediately in all portals, so that you or a parent can go on straightaway.

Our software may seem simple, but of course there is more to it. Flexkids offers more than just software. This demands some effort, not only from us but also from you. You are prepared to embrace a different way of working and you are willing to learn how to use our software. We, for our part, will not give up when things get difficult. We always search for the best solution. After we have installed the software, we will provide support to make sure the software is used correctly. We will not stop before it works.

Childcare planning

You make childcare planning schedules and have an overview of the available number of places for children. You receive an enrollment of a new parent through the website or by phone, and process this directly in the childcare planning of Flexkids. An incumbent parent wants to pass on a change; you enter this in the planning and the parent receives a confirmation from Flexkids.

Group portal

In the group portal you see which children will be present in the group on that day, and if there are any particularities. The Flexkids data are linked to the group portal. You can log in and log out, and send nice messages and photo’s to parents.

Parent portal and app

Using the Flexkids parent portal and the parent app, parents are able to view and edit the data. For instance, they can cancel contracted childcare days, view their alternative days balance and change their personal data. Parents can see the transfer, a picture of the child and/or messages about the group, the care, or an activity on the group. They can view an invoice, the annual overview, or request an extra day of childcare. The parent portal can be set up entirely as your organisation wishes, including your own house-style.

Personnel planning

You can register all personnel data, so you have an overview of your planning, BKR, absences and timesheets. The personnel planning is fully integrated with the child planning. The number of placed children will be linked to your work schedule. At the push of a button you can provide the Municipal Health Service inspector (GGD-inspecteur) with the necessary overviews.

Management dashboard

With the right management information you can make adjustments and choices, and steer your organisation. It offers continous insight into staffing, group allocations, BKR, waiting lists and open invoices. You can determine and select of which you wish to view a report.

Financial administration

You process financial agreements, invoicing (by email) and collections (by direct debits). You can read bank payments, process price agreements and send reminders. AFAS and Unit4 Multivers can be linked to Flexkids, so there is no need for multiple administrations. Accounts receivables and invoice data can be exported to most accounting software, such as Exact Globe, Exactonline, DBS and Cash.

Flexkids Hub

The development team is continously working on the Flexkids Hub. The goal is to let all our applications make use of the Hub. This platform is ready for co-creation, so plug in and innovate together with us!

At Flexkids we think it’s important that you can do your job as easily as possible. Therefore we work together with several linking and integration partners. This ensures our software integrates seamlessly with other systems. That means you do not have to do any double work. Also, you do not need to log in separately on every different system.

Document management

Using a simple word processor (such as Word) and templates, you can create, save and send documents in your own house-style.

Digital signature

Parents can digitally sign contracts or other documents. You send the contract directly from Flexkids. Then you immediately accept it online and return it with a legally valid certified digital signature. In combination with the use of the parent portal, you handle the stream of formal documents totally paperless.


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