Linking and integrating systems

You can link and integrate Flexkids with various other software systems to exchange data between them.

Working together with partners and building integrations with other systems enriches our software and enhances your ease-of-use. This prevents you from having to do double work or having to log on at yet another system.

Various programmes can be linked to Flexkids. Thus everything comes together in the Flexkids HUB, an integration platform which connects the different software solutions. New links are being added regularly.

Below, you will find a selection of the options. Do you want more information about links or integrations? Feel free to contact us. 


The link between Flexkids and AFAS Profit ensures that financial data are synchronised automatically. This means you do not need to reconcile both packages with the aid of import and export files. When an invoice is confirmed in Flexkids, the data are immediately written to AFAS Profit. Also, all changes in outstanding balances due to accounts receivables operations performed in Flexkids are automatically updated in AFAS Profit.


The Doenkids activity programme can be linked to the parent portal so that the parents can directly see the schedule of planned activities. Using the online database of Doenkids, the educational staff can quickly and easily develop a good programme of activities and create a programme schedule for the parents. 

Unit 4 Multivers

Flexkids can be integrated with Unit4 Multivers, effective business accounting software. 


You can easily and efficiently send accounting entries from Flexkids to CASH. 


Verbetermeter is a useful tool for measuring the parent satisfaction about the childcare organisation in a few simple steps. Verbetermeter already contains a link to Flexkids by default.  


Accounts receivables and invoice data from Flexkids can be exported to other accounting programmes, such as Exact. 


As a financial service provider, Payt supports hundreds of organisations in the field of accounts receivables. Their clients vary from small single-location childcare organisations to very large ones with multiple locations. Payt is a very successful company with high customer satisfaction scores.

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