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170 organisations, both great and small childcare organisations, work with our systems. We will not stop before the leadership, management, planning, payables, receivables, sharing and all other things involved in the work of your childcare organisation have improved. This demands an effort, not only from the side of Flexkids but also from the side of the childcare organisation. A childcare organisation should be prepared to embrace a different way of working and be willing to learn how to use our software. But it demands an even greater effort from us. We will continue developing software which makes the childcare organisation work better. Aimed both at the daily practice of childcare and the challenges that the childcare sector faces every day.

We highly value the opinions of our customers. They enable us to keep improving our service.

Sonja Bakker-Zeestraten

Controller at Kindkracht 0/12

“It is fantastic that any mutation done in one place is immediately visible in other places. That saves us a lot of fine-tuning time and effort. We have been working with Flexkids for more than three years now. The implementation of the system was also quick and simple. Our employees did not have to take a very elaborate training course. They could operate the system effectively in no time. The parents, too, by the way.”
Sonja and her team looked at several different systems, but eventually chose for Flexkids. “We spoke to three or four parties, one of which was Flexkids. We saw that the system of Flexkids met all our needs and wishes. Moreover, with them we immediately had the best feeling. There was a mutual trust instantly. One of the other parties was still starting up, whereas Flexkids clearly was an experienced company. It was therefore only logical that we chose for them.”


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