Sien van Spronsen, consultant

When you start working with Flexkids for the first time, you want to know exactly what to expect of course. You have all kinds of questions, you want to know which steps to take, and how you can get the most out of the software. As a consultant I am involved in the whole process. From training, deployment and possible conversion to guidance on the job. In addition to new customers I also guide existing customers who wish to expand their Flexkids software with new modules.


Different roles

I have been working for 20 years at Flexkids in different roles. Originally I came in as a teacher. At first I worked partially in the Support department, so I could get to know the programme really well. I also was part of the marketing team for a while and worked on the graphic design. Currently, I am a consultant, and have been so for quite a while now.



Over time I have gained a great amount of knowledge about Flexkids. As a consultant I am good at seting up a clear structure. I stand for clarity. Thus, as a customer you always know where you stand. I do what I say, and I say what I do.



What I like especially and what I think is so challenging about my job at Flexkids, is the variety of projects that I am responsible for. And not to forget the direct contact with our customers. Particularly their feedback is a great motive for me personally. I pass on their feedback to my colleagues so that together we can make sure that Flexkids matches the wishes and needs of our customers even better.


Discovery and usage

I think it is important that customers are aware of all the possibilities that Flexkids has to offer. I like to challenge new customers to discover and use all the portals of Flexkids. Because they are all interconnected. Once you know that, the software becomes an even greater pleasure to work with.


Getting the most out of it

Nowadays many of our training courses are held in our office. During these courses our customers learn exactly how to work with Flexkids. In addition, we are developing online training modules which can be taken at any time, anywhere, when it suits you best. The good thing about this is that you can see for yourself – as can your manager – which parts you have completed already and what you still have to learn. Thus we make it even easier for our clients to get the most out of Flexkids!

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