Mathieu Kooiman, software architect

As a software architect, I am daily engaged with the technical aspects of Flexkids. In addtion, I manage the development team as teamlead. That combination makes my job very diverse and fascinating. 


Another world

Before I joined Flexkids, now over a year ago, I had been working as an ICT employee in the financial sector for a long time, among others at a bank and a payment service provider. That world was totally different from the childcare sector. What I like most about my current job at Flexkids, is the feeling that I contribute to something really useful there. Moreover, I am involved in software for a complex industry on a daily basis. And precisely that is what makes it so interesting for me!


Broad view

Thanks to my work experience in such diverse organisations, I have developed a broad view. That view serves me well here at Flexkids. When I am engaged with the development of software, I always try to look at the big picture. For example, our software is not only used by managers, educational staff and application managers, but also by parents. All those users have different wishes and requirements, of course. That is what I always bear in mind.


Solving the puzzle

As an ICT employee in such a complex branch as the childcare sector, I am sometimes faced with complicated technical problems. To me that is just the type of challenge I like to get my teeth into. Sometimes it can be like solving a difficult puzzle. I hate it when I encounter a problem I cannot solve right away. In case of a malfunction or a bug I just keep going until I have found the solution. I do not stop before the puzzle has been solved. 


Working optimally

I think it is important that our software users are able to work as effectively as possible. If they also need to use third party solutions in addition to our app, we will ensure that those external applications and apps can communicate with our Flexkids software. Because everybody must be able to work as desired, and should not be stuck with one system.


Stable and reliable

Safety plays a prominent role in our line of business. After all, in the childcare sector we are dealing with privacy-sensitive information. Apart from that it should also be easy to work with Flexkids. The software must support users in their work tasks. The basic requirements for this are that the software should be stable, reliable, fast and secure. And that is what I work for.

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